Full-Automatic Professional LED Computer Wheelbalancer

The balancing machine for the professional tire specialist.

The BRIGHT HAWK is a compact motor-driven balancer and is equipped with a 40mm balance shaft, 4 cones (45-155mm) quick nut with a plastic cover and rubber ring to protect the rim, balance pliers, and a 50 gram wheel weight for self-calibration.

The machine comes with a space-saving wheel guard and is suitable for passenger car wheels, vans, caravan/trailer wheels, and also for motorcycles (with correct accessories). 

Rim diameter 1” – 28” inch
Rim width 1,5” – 20” inch
Max. wheel diameter 1100 mm
Motor power 90 watt
Power supply voltage 230v / 1ph
Max. wheel weight 70 Kg
Rotation speed 140 rpm
One balance cycle 7 sec.
Balancing precision 1 gram
Second time mounting on < 5 gram
Dimensions (DxWxH) 1550 x 1160 x 1490 mm
CTN. size 1070 x 760 x 1145 mm
Machine weight 126 kg